Backpack Program


Many  young students are underachieving academically and are suffering  physically because they lack a proper nutrition. Children who suffer  from hunger are often labeled in their classrooms as the "troublemakers"  or "unmotivated," and the root cause of their behavior is not  addressed. More teachers, parents, and policy makers are now realizing  that a lack of proper nutrition is to blame for this myriad of academic  and behavioral issues, and they are fighting to improve the health and  well-being of these affected children.

Our  BackPack Program provides supplemental food over the weekends to  "nutritionally at-risk" children at no cost. The bags of food are  discreetly stored in students' backpacks by schoolteachers on Fridays  while the students are at recess, so nobody knows who is suffering from  hunger. A "BackPack" bag will usually contain a couple of tubes of peanut  butter, small canned chicken or tuna, crackers, a fruit product, a root  vegetable, and a granola bar. We are currently serving nearly 300  students at the Sahuarita Primary and Intermediate Schools, the Summit  View Elementary School, and Continental School.

 If you would like to volunteer on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am to help assemble these bags, please contact our Volunteer  Coordinator Kay Novak at