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Sahuarita Food Bank

Welcome to Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center

Welcome to Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center

Welcome to Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource CenterWelcome to Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center

La Posada Pledges $150,000 to Capital Campaign

The Posada Life Foundation has made a leadership pledge of $150,000 over three years to the Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center's Nourishing Our Community capital campaign, which increased the total raised to more than $925,000 of the $2.2 million goal to construct a new facility for our operations.

“We are so proud to support this campaign and to provide this leadership gift,” said La Posada President and CEO Lisa Israel at a March 7 celebration at the future home of the new facility. Board members and volunteers from both the SFB-CRC and La Posada, individuals from partner agencies and donors and supporters attended the event.

“La Posada believes in strengthening the community that it serves through partnerships,” she continued. “La Posada’s board and residents recognize that hunger and its underlying causes in our community must be addressed and this is the mission of the SFB-CRC.”

The new facility, which will include food storage, preparation and distribution work areas, multi-purpose rooms for programming and office space, will be adjacent to the Good Shepherd Church, the food bank’s current location.

For the next phase of the food bank’s campaign, this fall the public will be invited to invest in the food bank’s mission. The tentative ground-breaking date is the summer of 2020.

Creative Ways to Give

By Nancy Ackley, Certified Fund Raising Executive

People of all countries, cultures, ethnicities, ages and income levels find joy and satisfaction in giving.

The word philanthropy, defined as “love of humankind,” has also been described as “voluntary action for the common good.” Those “voluntary actions” include voluntarily joining together to achieve some purpose, voluntarily giving of your time and talents and voluntarily donating financial gifts.

When you care enough about the work of a charitable organization to financially support it, how do you decide what amount? And where do you go to find the money to make your gift? 

Since none of us can give to every good cause that asks for our help, the best way is to consider our personal priorities and passions, and give generously to organizations whose missions most closely align with our own values. Then, give an amount that makes you feel really good. (Hint: You can make larger contributions if you set up an automatic, monthly donation through your checking account or credit card.)

As to the question of where to find the funds to make your gift, our first thought is usually our checking account. Here are some suggestions for other sources that you may not have considered, but that are all ways that generous gifts can be possible:

Income Tax Refunds or Bonuses

You may decide to give a percentage of money you receive from extra income that occasionally comes our way, such as a rebate, bonus or income tax refund. 

Securities, Stock, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Transfers of appreciated assets often enjoy tax advantages and are a good alternative to donating cash.

Life Insurance
You also can make the Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center the beneficiary of policies or make an outright gift of a policy or of the cash value of a policy.

Personal Property
Assets such as jewelry, works of art, vehicles, antiques, coin and stamp collections, etc., can be sold and the cash given as a gift.

Real Estate
Another giving option is to gift the full or partial interest in property, such a home, property or other real estate while retaining the right to live there. If such a gift is irrevocable, it can garner significant tax deductions, as can outright immediate gifts of real estate.

Making the Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center a beneficiary in your will can be a very important means for helping build an endowment that will provide financial security in perpetuity!

If you would like to talk to someone about the procedures and tax issues involved in making gifts from these sources, please contact your financial advisor and SFB-CRC Treasurer Jackie Smith (jackiesmithaz@aol.com) to schedule an appointment.

There are many creative ways to give, and one of these options might be right for you.

GVFD to the Rescue

Just when we’re all dwelling on our divisions and differences, we see people step up with gestures like the one made by Green Valley Fire Department’s Captain Joseph O’Brien February 2 during our First Things First parenting program at the Sahuarita Food Bank & Community Resource Center.

Of course, first responders will tell you it’s no big deal...just doing my job. But, even the smallest acts of kindness can comfort to our clients, many who face difficult struggles every day.

Operations Coordinator Sue Eaton said the incident occurred while some parenting classes were being held. She said a boy about age 8 was helping one of the instructors as a role model and suddenly fell. Captain O’Brien, along with Engineer Chris Yslas and Firefighter Nick Matlock, responded to the 911 call. 

The youngster hit his head on the concrete floor. 

One can only imagine the distress any mother would experience when she witnesses her child taking a serious fall that requires emergency medical attention. Captain O’Brien selflessly took it upon himself to gather her food basket and kept it fresh at the station until her son was discharged from the hospital and she could pick it up. 

“The mother was a bit distraught,” said SFB Executive Director Carlos Valles. “It was an incredible gesture on his part.”

“I am very proud of Captain O’Brien and his crew,” stated Fire Chief Chuck Wunder. “This simple act of kindness and support is something you will routinely see, not only from Captain O’Brien and his crew but from all our crews here at GVFD. We are lucky to have outstanding men and women working for GVFD who truly have servants’ hearts. We also feel extremely blessed to work in a community where we receive such tremendous support and encouragement. This makes out job much easier and fuels the pride and ownership our firefighters have for our community.”

Captain O’Brien reminds us that we need to think of others as much as ourselves, and that even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference in the life of another person.

Putting People on the Path to Sustainability

You’ve probably noticed the addition of “Community Resource Center” to our name. That’s because we’re more than a food bank. We’re here to provide individuals and families with the support and resources they need to work toward family and economic stability.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be offering a variety of resources to the community.

One resource we’re offering right now through April 11 is free tax preparation assistance on Thursdays. Volunteer tax preparers will help qualifying individuals prepare their tax returns, ensuring they receive the tax credits for which they qualify.

In late April, we are teaming up with the Sahuarita Unified School District to offer smartphone training for school district parents.

Schools are increasingly using digital media to communicate with parents. Yet, up to 40 percent of parents do not have computers, but instead use their cellphones or smartphones. This might make it difficult to use the school’s digital media to communicate with teachers or check on homework or grades. The training helps bridge what is often called the “digital divide,” which makes it harder for children from low-income households to achieve in school.

In February during our Market Days, we offered eight parenting classes (in English and Spanish) in partnership with the United Way of Southern Arizona, UA Cooperative Extension and Easter Seals. The instructors coached parents as they interacted with their young children.

These are just some of the resources we’re offering to the community and hope to offer even more when our new facility with additional programming space is completed. For more information on upcoming programs, please contact us at 520-668-0547.

Ending Hunger, Together

The renewal of spring brings with it a resurgence of opportunity and excitement for the Nourishing Our Community capital campaign. Through our work to raise $2.2 million to build an expanded Sahuarita Food Bank and Community Center we can end hunger, together.

With The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ’s stewardship campaign exceeding its  goal, the Nourishing Our Community campaign committee -- many of whom are Good Shepherd members-- have started re-engaging with the congregation and meeting with individuals and families who want to make our new food bank and community resource center a reality.

Committee members will engage with individuals on a personal level to share the importance of our work to fill the basic needs for up to 200 households per week. Now bursting at the seams, our food bank operations must expand, reduce client wait times and increase the number of community resource programs we can offer. Together, we can.

If your contribution is already part of the more than $960,000 that we’ve raised to date to realize our vision and our future, thank you so much! If you have not yet had a chance to meet with our campaign committee and invest in our vision, join us now by contacting Board President Penny Pestle at ppestle@cox.net.

Tackling the Issue of Workforce Housing

Across the country, there is a lack of safe and affordable housing for our workforce, which includes teachers, first responders, medical providers, caregivers and other service workers. The Sahuarita and Green Valley area is no exception. 

Many workers may live some distance from their workplace and must commute to work, or settle for substandard housing because of a shortage of safe and affordable homes. 

To tackle this issue, the Sustainable Families Coalition in partnership with the Town of Sahuarita has formed a new work group that will focus on workforce housing. The Sahuarita Food Bank serves as the lead agency for the coalition. Both the coalition and the town realize that additional affordable housing is needed to continue growth and prosperity. 

The working group has had two well-attended meetings that included participation from Valley Assistance Services, a developer, a construction company owner, Pima County housing officials, town planning staff and a faith leader.

Working group members are collecting data on the locations of major local employers and exploring possible sites for new development, types of housing options and funding sources. One thing is certain: Our community agrees that safe workforce and affordable housing is a basic need that we must address.